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Simply the Fastest Way to Learn

The new 600 series Fretlight Guitar along with the Guitar Tunes app is more than I could have hoped for. It is very easy to use and goes anywhere I want to go. I take it fishing, boating, or almost any place I go. I am still just beginning, but I do not see how I cannot learn to play a guitar with all the help you have built into the system."
Robert H.
The Fretlight + Guitar Tunes Advantage
The Fretlight® Wireless Guitar and the free iOS Guitar Tunes™ app combined is the ultimate learning package for any beginner or seasoned guitar player. Guitar Tunes™ contains original artist recordings, a complete library of Hal Leonard Artist Videos, Lessons, Play-Along and Jam Along videos for improvising. Best of all, everything in the app lights up the Fretlight Wireless Guitar! Guitar Tunes is packed with useful features, made by guitar players for guitar players.

Guitar Tunes Features include:
• Tempo Control
• Custom Loops
• JAMBar™
• Multiple Guitar Parts/Fretboards
• SMARTuner™
• …and more!
The Amazing Fretlight Guitar
Fretlight Wireless guitars are an amazing blend of traditional instrument craftsmanship and technology. Fretlight is the only guitar in the world with a built-in lighted learning system. The instruments have all the features you'd expect from a normal guitar such as 1/4" output jacks, pickup selections, two-way truss rods and incredibly straight necks. The learning system is there at the push of a button when you want it - or need it. And like all guitars you can customize pickups, put on your favorite strings and have it set up to your liking.