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Real Songs. Virtual Fretboard.

Lynyrd Skynyrd | Joe Walsh | KISS | BTO | More!

Powerful Tools. Accelerated Learning.

Tempo Control | Custom Looping | Multiple Guitar Parts | Improvisation | More!

More Content. More Inspiration.

Original Artist Songs | Video Lessons | Jam Along Progressions | More!

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What is Guitar Tunes?

Guitar Tunes™ is a completely new way to learn your favorite song and improve your guitar playing skills. A Virtual Fretboard displays real-time fingering positions for every guitar part while you're listening to the original artist recording. No “MIDI", no “sounds like”, no “in the style of”... just the REAL song.

In addition to songs you’ll find an extensive library of lesson videos and lick videos. Every video includes professional instruction, and best of all; fingering positions for everything you see a teacher play is instantly displayed on the virtual Fretboard. You always have complete tempo and looping control so you can learn at your own pace.

What is Guitar Tunes?
"There is so much in this app. Everything I want as a guitar player is right here!"

Aarav P. | Portland, OR


What features are available in Guitar Tunes?

Guitar Tunes has a virtual fretboard for righties or lefties that helps you learn your favorite songs quickly and easily. Features include an on-board Smart Guitar Tuner for every guitar track in a song, tempo control to slow down or speed up a part, custom loops and more! Learn more about Guitar Tunes features here or download the app to see them in action!

Where can a see a full list of available songs and videos?

Download Guitar Tunes from the iOS App Store, it’s FREE! Tap the Library icon in the upper right of the app to see a complete list of available songs, jam alongs and video lessons. Sign up for our mailing list and receive notifications whenever new content is available.

What devices can I use with Guitar Tunes?

To use Guitar Tunes, you will need one of the following devices, running iOS 9 or higher: - iPhone 4S or later - iPad 3rd generation or later. This includes all iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad mini models - iPod Touch (5th generation) or later.
Available for Android in December 2017.

Why is Guitar Tunes the best way to learn?

Guitar Tunes puts the exact fingering patterns you need right on the virtual fretboard. No more trying to figure out Tab or some cryptic YouTube video. Guitar Tunes was built by guitar players for guitar players. The extensive features and controllability of the learning space from tempo control to custom looping fits the visual mind of a guitar player.

How often are songs added?

Songs are added as quickly as we can get additional licensing completed. Our goal is to have 500 songs in the library by February 2018 and then onto 1,000+ songs sometime in late 2018.

How much does it cost?

Guitar Tunes is a FREE app with loads of free content. Songs, lesson videos and jam alongs are available for in-app purchase. Download the app and tap the Library icon in the upper right of the app for details.